Analog Sweetening is a recording studio and mixing facility located in Halmstad in the south of Sweden.

We believe that the best sound comes when the strengths of the digital and analog worlds are combined. There’s nothing like editing on a Pro Tools rig, but when it comes to audio processing, digital plugins are no substitute for using high quality analog outboard gear.

For us, the primary goal of having a good collection of gear is to serve the song and when recording at Analog Sweetening, you do not only get access to an extensive collection of modern and vintage gear, but also to the ears of someone obsessed with music and the art of recording.

Recognizing that great recordings come from great performances, at Analog Sweetening you will find a comfortable and inspiring environment (far from the sterile confinements of a traditional recording studio) where your creativity can be captured naturally.

For more information, please contact us via the contact page or visit us on facebook. We look forward to working with you!


Here you’ll find some examples of our gear at work. What better way to find out how we work and what sound we can produce than to listen to our audio clips here.