Production References

For Someone Like You

Daniel's first solo single. Two very different songs from the upcoming album. Produced by Christian with great backup from Ruben Engzell at Studio Ljudriket.

Out of the Loop

Christian's second Melodic Fluke record.

Melodic Fluke

Christian's own project. Recorded and mixed at Analog Sweetening. All songs written by Christian Mars. Mastered by Richard Dodd in Nashville, TN.

The Festive Outfits

The Festive Outfits chose to record their EP almost 100% live at the Analog Sweetening studio. No click track and all vocals, lead and harmonies, recorded simultaneously. Great songwriting.


This song, which on our online processing service was run through the Sta-Level for some added analog mojo to the vocal track, was in the Swedish national selection Eurovision.

Dennis Hansen

Dennis Hansen recorded his first record at Analog Sweetening using his soulful voice and an acoustic guitar. A simple & naked recording. Solid songwriting.

This World

Benjamin Gustafsson recorded the lead vocal and acoustic guitar for "This World" at Analog Sweetening. A perfect mix of digital and analog.