Same preamp as the 5032 minus the EQ. Simply beautiful sounding.

Probably the most used preamp in the world. Fat bottom with silky top, this preamp kills on anything from vocals to drums and lest not forget electric guitar or simple run your entire mix (or drum bus for that matter) through this baby and let the transformers beef up your sound.

Chandler Germanium is a terrific preamp which can get really dirty and fat, just like the Germanium compressor. A cool feature is the Fat button, which makes everything, yeah you guessed it, sound incredibly fat. The preamp sounds wicked on bass and guitar (both electric and acoustic). It doesn’t get any fatter than this.

A remake of the classic/vintage API. Similar to the 3124+ but with a little fatter low end.

A great preamp which pays homage to the renowned 1073. Push in the 28k button for some high end sparkle.

A classic among preamps. It has a beautiful mid-range bump that really tends to bring out the “wood” in an acoustic guitar and don’t even get me started on using the 312 on drums. The transient response is simple brilliant, giving your kick and snare plenty of thwack.