This will package will certainly affect your 2bus more drastically than the ”smooth” option, but this can be a good thing. The shorter attack and release  will give your drums more definition and oomph as well as making vocals sit better in the track. EQ-wise we’ll de-mud and open up your track.

This package will gently gel your mix together using slow attack and release on the compressor/limiter. Furthermore, it will give you that expensive shimmery top end that only a truly great tube EQ can achieve. The result will be fatter and  more cohesive as well as less muddy and with a smooth top end to top it off.

This is your best bet if you have a well-recorded vocal track that somehow is still lacking a little  in the attitude department. Depending on your source material we might give your track a good spanking with the 1176, which will give your track plenty of attitude and grit. EQ-wise we might use a vintage API or Retro 2A3 to take your track even further.

This package will give your vocal track smooth processing in terms of compression and EQ. We’ll gently massage  your track into perfection using a compressor such as the Sta-Level or an La2a and, depending on your source material, we might open up the top with the ultra smooth Retro 2A3. This is the ultimate package for a great vocal track that might just sound a tad bit sterile.